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Interior Painting

    Our customers usually choose interior colour schemes and wallpapers themselves – if you’re unsure, we’ll happily offer our advice.

Wallpaper Hanging

    If you’ve ever tried to hang wallpaper yourself and ended up wearing your wall covering or with mismatched patterns, or poor finishes around windows and doors, you’ll know that it’s not as easy as we make it look. In particular ceilings are tricky to do as are high ceilings and stairwells. We have vast amounts of experience in hanging all types of wallpaper in every situation imaginable.

Gloss Painting Windows and Doors

    Gloss paint gives you a wonderful, clean and shiny finish but can be a nightmare to do yourself, it’s one of those areas where there really is no substitute for experience. Thorough preparation, the right paint and brush, clever use of masking tape and a steady hand are all needed.

Exterior Painting

    Painting the exterior of a property is obviously somewhat weather dependent unless the property can be protected against the elements.  Rain is a problem but excessively hot or cold days are not the best times to paint outdoors either.


    We always attempt to paint exteriors when there’s a ‘weather window’ that’s suitable.



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